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In many countries, business cards are an indispensable tool to build relationships with customers or suppliers. The conventions are also quite different from country to country, and someone with a business card that has been poorly translated (perhaps using free online machine translation, or a non-professional) risks not only losing face, but losing business. BJ Translations has been supplying business cards to printers, translation agencies and individual businessmen for over 20 years, in Japanese, Chinese and other languages. Now we are able to harness the power of the internet to do so even more quickly and efficiently: our record for supplying cards in an emergency is 17 minutes!

How it works

  1. You send us a copy of your current business card (e.g. as a PDF file to incomingatjapanesetranslationsdotcodotuk, or by fax). If you also use special fonts or logos we would normally want those too.
  2. We confirm the price and turnaround, as well as any questions; you send us payment.
  3. Soon after payment has been confirmed, we e-mail you back a file that you or your printer can use to print your new cards. We normally prefer outline EPS files, but other formats are also available: download a sample to check compatibility (92K ZIP: 9 different formats, including EPS, TIFF and GIF)

What it costs

The cost per card is a mere £40 (roughly US$70 - see Oanda's Exchange Rate Calculator). Customers within the UK will normally incur VAT. Payment can be made by bank transfer (best for customers in the UK) or by credit card via PayPal. Multiple cards with similar designs may qualify for a discount.

What it looks like

Unless told otherwise, we normally assume you will be printing bilingual cards, with the layout duplicated as far as possible.

English card Translated business card

Terms and conditions

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