FAQ about our business card service

How long does it take?

Our record is 17 minutes ... but normally you should allow a minimum of 24 hours after payment, unless you clear it with us first.

Can you incorporate our company's logo?

We can use whatever you send us ... Normally we'll simply copy across the scanned image, which may well not be production quality. In this case, your printer will be able to replace it with a high-resolution copy before printing. If you need us to use special fonts or logos, send them with the file and we will give you a quote for the price (extra work does cost more).

Will you match the layout of the original?

Yes, as far as possible.

Why didn't you translate our address?

Because your postman probably doesn't read foreign languages! If you are using a two-sided bilingual card, we may put an abbreviated version on the translated side, simply as a guide to your location.

Why did you change our phone number?

It is always better to use the international format.

Why didn't you translate our company's logo / motto?

This is a corporate identity matter, and requires much more consideration and work than a simple business card. We would be happy to help you come up with a logo / motto etc. that suits your business: please see our translation pages.

Our printer says your file looks like gobbledy-gook?

Tell them to call us. There are all sorts of possible reasons for this, but most can be solved quite simply.

Our printer says they don't have oriental fonts / computers etc.?

Not a problem! With our method you don't need any - tell them to call us.

Can you print our cards for us?

If need be, but using your local printer is almost always cheaper and simpler. See also our links pages.

Can you supply the cards as bromide or film, or send us the files on disk?

If need be, but it is generally simpler to use online delivery.

It's an emergency - can you fax me a card now?!

That depends on many factors, e.g. what time zone you're in, but we'll certainly try. In this case, please telephone rather than e-mailing.

I haven't got a scanner! Can I fax you the card?

Yes: fax it to +44 1843 847701. Please note however that the quality of any logos etc. is likely to deteriorate even further if faxed. It's best to use 'fine' mode (but NOT 'superfine').

What's the etiquette for using business cards in Japan?

Here are some hints from Benihana.

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