On the rare occasions when we subcontract work out, we will normally only use qualified members of the ITI, and hence we do NOT generally welcome unsolicited applications. Although some applicants seem highly qualified and possessed of a wealth of experience, others are regrettably not so (e.g. the charming people who write saying "I very good traslator, fluent in Japenese").

Having said this, if you are a translator or interpreter of an oriental language, with at least ten years' experience and preferably accredited by the ITI, ATA or an equivalent body (N.B. simply being a member of JAT is not enough), please do send us your CV.

In general, though, I would suggest that translators / interpreters looking to establish a career (particularly in the U.K.) should aim for full membership of the ITI. For Japanese translators, becoming a Friend of the ITI Japanese Network is a useful first step, as the other members of JNet can provide invaluable general advice as well as specific work leads.

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