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Welcome: いらっしゃいませ! BJ Translations Ltd is a company based in Kent, UK which has been offering high quality language services for three decades to clients throughout the world.

Contact us if you're worried about things getting lost in translation.

Our focus has traditionally been on the professional translation, typesetting (DTP) and interpreting of East Asian languages — particularly Japanese — but we're willing to discuss any requirements you may have. We offer the advantages of a small organization, such as individual attention, affordable prices and a fast turnaround, but can use teams of personally vetted translators or interpreters for larger assignments. Our expert linguists are frequently asked to supply certified translations or to work on high profile legal and financial cases.

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Specialist fields

We handle areas including law (arbitration, mediation, court hearings), finance (investor relations, taxation, insurance), technology (patents, shipping, aviation, defence, automotive & other engineering, telecoms, computing, electronics, pharmaceuticals), culture (films, stage, visual arts, fashion), tourism, sports, environment, fine wine, cooking, PR, and more.

Our clients have included UK/Japanese national and regional governments, the European Patent Office, Microsoft, the BBC, the International Monetary Fund, Hewlett-Packard, Disney, Michelin, Dentsu, Tate Modern/Louis Vuitton (e.g. interpreting for Kusama Yayoi), IBM, the International Chamber of Commerce, numerous lawyers’ offices and financial institutions, and other corporations, public authorities and individuals in over 25 countries. To get an idea of the broad range we cover, take a look at our track record (1992-2012: it's not been practical to update this since, due to increasing work volumes and confidentiality requirements).

Why choose us?

The simple answer is check out what our clients say — the testimonials speak for themselves! But you might also be interested to read about our background.

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