Free Japanese translation
If you want free translation you'll normally have to use machine translation (e.g. Bing); if you want to see the problems this can cause try Translation Party, Translation Telephone, or Ackuna's Bad Translator. For general advice on why and how to buy professional translations, try the ITI's excellent booklet 'Getting it Right'.

Pro bono work
We will occasionally accept small jobs in exchange for a donation to the Gorilla Organization via the Great Gorilla Run.

Medical & pharmaceutical translations
We prefer to steer clear of the medical & pharmaceutical fields. If you require English <-> Japanese translation or interpreting in these areas, we suggest you try Rising Sun Communications.

Japanese tuition
In the UK, try the Japan Foundation.

Reading about language
The Economist's 'Johnson' column consistently contains interesting insights. For information about translation/interpreting specifically, we regularly check the translation/interpreting stream on Google Plus, and follow various people on Twitter.

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