We offer on-site and off-site consultancy services for a variety of issues relating to the Japanese language in particular, frequently concerning computing (IT). Some examples:

In such situations, we can help. We have already localized websites for clients such as Disney and Abbey National, including a Japanese site which achieved 30,000 registrations in 3 days (as well as Chinese and Korean versions of the same site). A while back we created a simple page for a client hoping to find a Japanese buyer for David Beckham's supercar. We have also translated & compiled software for companies like Price Waterhouse Cooper (as it was then) and Sterling Software (again, as it was then), and printed / converted Japanese translations for agencies throughout the UK. In fact, the Senior Project Manager at London Translations once said "Whenever we have a technical issue — say a file which won't format properly, some XML which needs pre-processing, or a document that has been corrupted by a translator using translation memory tools the wrong way — I call Ben Jones, because I know he'll be able to sort it out".

Although we do have access to some of the most modern software tools, our in-depth understanding of how computer technology works also enables us to work at the most fundamental level when required. This can prove invaluable when debugging the innumerable problems of DBCS (double-byte character sets, such as Japanese or Korean), particularly given the additional complexity of Unicode/UTF-8, simplified/traditional Chinese characters, and so on. The end result is higher quality products in less time.