Our main business is the provision of high quality translation services between Japanese and English. We also welcome assignments relating to other oriental languages such as Chinese and Korean, and are increasingly being asked also to work in European or Middle Eastern languages.

Prices vary depending on the languages involved, but are generally based on the number of words or characters in the original ("source") document. In the UK, most prices are quoted in £ per 1000 words for convenience.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the wide range of software tools at our disposal, including most major applications by Microsoft, Adobe, Macromedia, Lotus, Robohelp, and more. We do however know our limits, and should you need a service in a field or language where we do not feel totally confident, we will happily point you in the direction of someone we consider better qualified: see also our links page.

Our clients extend over approximately 24 countries, and range from multinational corporations and government departments right down to individual hobbyists. This website contains a list of some of our previous work, along with details of several items which were translated for publication.

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