We ourselves publish works by various authors under the imprint Ozaru Books, including (but not only) translations from and to various languages.

Books published by Ozaru Books

In addition, many of our translations have been published elsewhere — a few examples are shown below. We have also worked on lots of official publications on the multilingual typesetting (DTP) side, as shown on that page. And we also helped create localized or multilingual versions of several corporate websites as well as software apps: a few examples are shown on our consulting page.

Books and magazines

Visual Arts

Cover Kurita Kōichi/Suda Yoshihiro
Contentment in the details
Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art (山梨県立美術館) /
Bijutsu Shuppan-sha (美術出版社) (2020) exhibition link
Cover Tatsuo Miyajima: Connect with Everything Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (2016)
Cover Terre Loire : Kôichi Kurita à Chambord Domaine national de Chambord (2016) [exhibition links 1 2 3]
Cover Moriyama Daido: Daido Tokyo Fondation Cartier (2016)
Cover Nobuyoshi Araki: Hi-Nikki (Non-Diary Diary) Fondation Cartier (2016)
Cover Tabaimo: Mekurumeku Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (2014)
Cover Tanaka Ikko, Graphic Master by Gian Carlo Calza Phaidon Press
Cover Signs of the Time (1991) Full-length exhibition catalogue for the Frankfurt Museum of World Culture (formerly the Frankfurt Museum of Ethnology)
Cover All in a Day's Work (1999) As above: contemporary African art
Cover Landscape and Abstraction (2000) As above: the art of I Ketut Susena und I Made Supena, from Bali
Cover Dreaming in Pictures (2001) As above: the art of Jak Katarikawe (catalogue reviewed here)
Cover Bundu - Bush devils in the land of the Mende (1990) Part of Burkhard Gottschalk's africa incognita series

Martial Arts

Cover The Way of the Ninja by Masaaki Hatsumi Kodansha International, 2004
Cover Exploring the Essence of the Martial Arts by Alex Esteve Gráficas Savir, 2002
Cover Sanmyaku, a Bujinkan martial arts magazine Published in 15 countries based on our English translations


Cover The Chartered Management Institute's multilingual 'Dictionary of Business and Management' Bloomsbury, 2004
Cover Shimako Murai's play Sunflowers - Le Soleil Ōzaru Books

Film subtitles