In general, interpreting means spoken language conversion, as opposed to translation, which refers to the conversion of written documents. Interpretation normally means a subjective view of the meaning of either spoken or written text, and as such we differentiate it from interpreting, although it is obviously an important aspect too.

We have interpreted or supplied interpreters to over 10 countries (see map below), for events as diverse as tax negotiations, martial arts seminars, marine arbitration and mediation cases, fashion interviews, financial meetings, art exhibitions, investment tours, chemical research discussions, audits, theatrical performances, focus groups, an architects' convention, a reflexology conference, an advertising video shoot, and high society parties.

Most of our work is in London and the South-East of England, but we frequently travel throughout Europe and are happy to consider any requirements you may have, whether for ad hoc ('facilitating'), consecutive or simultaneous / conference interpreting. Some clients also use us either to interpret on the phone, or to telephone foreign countries on their behalf.

Charges will tend to be based on a daily rate, plus expenses such as travel and accommodation. In a few cases an hourly rate might apply, and travel time may also be charged depending on the location.

In many cases we can also arrange for the equipment that may be required, such as microphones & headsets (for 'whispering') or full-scale interpreting booths.

Places we have supplied interpreters