The originals of most of the comments shown here - which go back over 30 years - can be supplied upon request, although unfortunately this is not possible with the first one listed as it was an off-the-cuff comment made to a friend of Ben Jones upon watching a video of an event where he was interpreting:

“He's the best I've ever seen!”

[An unnamed person who teaches simultaneous interpreting to the U.S. Diplomatic Corps]


Comments from the University of Kent on 10 years' work

Comments from Zircon on a large, rushed project for Amex

Report about how we reunited two friends across half the globe and 50+ years


Other comments from direct clients


“Our legal team, arbitrators and Japanese clients were all hugely impressed with Ben Jones's interpretation at an LMAA Arbitration in 2008. We have worked with a number of interpreters (of all languages) in the past and Ben was undoubtedly the best - quite exceptional. He was able to sense when the witnesses felt confident speaking in English - using him for the translation of an occasional word - and when they preferred to speak in their native tongue. His interpretation was quick, clear and accurate. Highly recommended.” [Joanna Hoyle, Solicitor, Clyde & Co.]

“I record my particular thanks to our interpreter, Mr Ben Jones, for his assistance, which was of the highest and most seamless quality. […] I have no doubt [both witnesses] were much better able to respond fully and clearly to questions by doing so in Japanese.“ [Mr Justice Andrew Baker, Judge in charge of the Admiralty Court, in Ever Given, SMIT v Luster Maritime [2023] EWHC 697 (Admlty) [27]

"Please note that you are the top interpreter in our list. We hope that we can work together in another case in the near future." [Japanese lawyer regarding arbitration proceedings, 2018]

"Fantastic translator in complex case. Cannot recommend highly enough." [Franz Schwarz, Vice-Chair International Arbitration Group at WilmerHale, 2022]

"Everyone on my side thought you were really incredible. We really loved working with you. Everyone really was just so positive about your work." [US lawyer for respondents in arbitration, 2021]

"Needless to say your English is perfect, but your Japanese was perfect too. And the timing to deliver your interpretation was so quick and prompt that everything flowed very smoothly at a really good rhythm. And we could see that you had the right background information … so we appreciated the diligence that you performed prior to participating in this hearing. … You operated under a really tight schedule, with a lot of pressure … It was particularly important, given the complexity of the case. And not just our team, but our client representatives expressly commented that they liked your interpretation, so we were very grateful. And the witnesses themselves: they trusted your interpretation very much. For example […] and […] expressly commented to us that they liked your interpretation." [Japanese lawyer in arbitration, 2021]

"We were extremely impressed and grateful for your efforts and – speaking for myself – I thought your translations were the most natural and easy to follow. It was an extremely difficult exercise (it is hard to think of a more difficult topic) and I was very impressed at how well it worked." [UK lawyer in arbitration, 2021]

"The substance of much of the testimony was quite difficult, given the nature of the legal issues. We had experienced difficulties with numerous translators … who just weren't able to get it because of the complexity of the nuance of the subject matter … you seemed to be able to handle it seamlessly. Additionally, […] is a particularly difficult critic, uniquely situated as perhaps the most fluent bilingual Japanese attorney on planet Earth, [and] you were probably the first person able to at least satisfy […]’s extremely high standards." [US lawyer in arbitration, 2021]

"Thank you for your interpreting - it was perfect!" [Japanese bilingual lawyer following meetings with counterparties in the Netherlands, 2018]

"Ben was a pleasure to work with. He was efficient, diligent, task orientated and his output was always of the highest order. We had pressing Japanese translation needs with many complex, technical and industry specific documents that needed to be translated within a pressing timeframe. I would highly recommend his work and look forward to working with him again." (Daniel Geey, lawyer)

“The translation work that you made was referred to within the framework of the Prosecution case. As you may well be aware the jury unanimously convicted [him]. I would like to thank you for your invaluable assistance in this case. [It was] enjoyable to make your acquaintance and gain some insight into the ethos of Japan.” [NT, UK government agency, London]


"I have worked with Ben for 13 years and have always been impressed with his ability to deal with fast paced translation in an unflustered manner. Ben is the best Japanese translator I have worked with in both the U.K. and Japan. Ben also does everything to accommodate changing schedules and is flexible with last minute changes where possible. He is also great company in meetings that can last many days. Thanks for your help over the years!" [Dominic Vines, International Tax Specialist, HMRC]

"Ben has provided excellent interpretation services in the transfer pricing area. He has several times during interpretation sessions also shown (beside his interpretation skills in Japanese-English) that he very well understands the transactions and calculations that are being discussed. I give Ben my best recommendations!" [Elisabeth Bengtsson, Swedish Tax Agency]

"Ben has provided Japanese / English translation services for a number of transfer pricing negotiations in which I have taken part. Ben's translation is quick and efficient and his knowledge of technical terminology, in what is a very specialised area of international taxation, is excellent. Ben is discreet and well able to judge the appropriate mood during long and often complex meetings. I would highly recommend his translation services." [Keith Walsh, Irish Revenue]

"I am always relieved to see Ben here, because I know that our negotiations will be successful" [K, Japanese government agency, during negotiations in Dublin]


“… I am however confident that we will be able to sign this contract. This is … partly because we have with us today Mr Jones, a trustworthy interpreter who fully comprehends the current scheme.” [YH, Japanese government agency, during a speech in the UK]

"Thank you for rescuing us! […] Thanks so much for making us look good!" [MB, UK government agency, who turned to us for assistance when an existing supplier had failed and they needed 30,000 words translated over a weekend]


"Absolutely delighted… It all felt very natural - so thanks for making it very transparent. Look forward to having the opportunity to work together again." [PJ, IBM, following quantum computing/AI meeting with Japanese client]

"The examiner was really pleased with your work - the 'very clear and technical explanation'. Thanks again for your support!" [MPH, European Patent Office, referring to a technical enquiry about Chinese mathematical terminology]

“Thanks so much for … above all, your fantastic support during our Japan meeting. The benefit to us all was immense - and the comments we received from the Japanese team were a real testament to your great interpreting skills! I'm pleased you also found the meeting positive … it was certainly most fruitful for us.” [AF, precious metals group, London]

“Thank you for the sample translation. Our Japanese Rep concluded that your translation was the best of the ones that we had done.” [SO, silicon chip manufacturer, USA]

“I gather from the team that you were a 'star' and extremely helpful not only in your excellent translating skills but demeanour and calmness throughout the day which helped both teams.” [KSC, consultant, London]

“I thought you might be interested to know that on Friday I had a meeting in London with a Japanese company that came over to see me as a direct result of your translations. They were very surprised to find that the translations had been done by an English translator as they thought from the quality that we either had access to a Japanese national or had Japanese members of staff. They were very complimentary regarding the quality of the presentation. This letter is just to thank you for a superb job.” [MH, exporter, Kent (UK)]

“All ten articles were quite interesting, but amongst them your Japanese was the best, absolutely wonderful. There are some Japanese authors I think ought to read it! I hope there will be an opportunity to have you write for us again in the future.” [YN, magazine publisher, Tokyo]

“The statements you translated recently were well worth it — visa was granted at the appeal! I have some more work to be translated…” [MF, individual, Hull (UK)]

“Within 2 weeks of having written to the Lotus Owners Club of Japan I was contact by the chairman of the club who […] purchased the car as a present for his son. You will see therefore that your translation was of great value, and assisted enormously in the sale. Even though the purchaser spoke English, he was impressed that we bothered to send a translated text. Thank you once again.” [MW, motor enthusiast, Kent (UK)]

“The Japanese stuff is really going down well. Ran into […] and […] and they have not even got Japanese business cards, so we seem to be well ahead of the competition. Hopefully they will see the brochures on some coffee table in a client's office. Thanks again - effort appreciated by not only us but more importantly the potential customers!” [MH, marine reinsurance underwriter on trip to Japan]


“The calligraphy was brilliant, a work of art. Tanaka was very pleased with it: he thought we had sent to Japan to have it done! Once again, a sincere thank-you.” [SG, martial arts group, London]

“Thank you very much for the extremely fast turnaround on our [business card] order. The files are with our printer now […] We appreciate your excellent work and would be happy to use you again in the future.” [MJ, UK games developer, Cambridge]


"I consider Ben to be THE authority on Japanese language matters. If you are looking for great service and the definitive answer to any Japanese related questions, Ben is your man. Highly recommended." (Pete Bennett, entrepreneur)

"I have been lucky enough to use Ben as a translator on a number of international martial arts events. The service that he provided was first class due to his superb ability to translate simultaneously from Japanese into English (and vice versa). I know that Ben has also worked at similar events in other countries and that the organisers of those events were equally impressed. I have also used Ben's service for journal translations from Japanese to English and to translate correspondences both from English into Japanese and Japanese into English. On all occasions Ben's work has been accurate, detailed and appropriate in context. Ben is my Japanese translator of choice and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone else who needed this service."

Comments from translation agencies

“We do have hundreds of translators on our books, but unfortunately nobody else of your calibre.” [AD, London]

“Your translation looks great (much better than the original)!” [OS, USA]

“This is probably the most expert and comprehensive reply I've ever had to a request - many thanks! I do appreciate the trouble you've taken.” [ME, Preston (UK)]

“Read the feedback from the client: 'I just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with Ben on this call, he handled a tricky call that had many different people and was quite technical in its content, very well. My client was also equally impressed and labelled him 'brilliant'! Please pass on our thanks and we would definitely like to use him again for any Japanese translations.'” [ZG, Macclesfield (UK)]

“Thank you very much for the high quality of your work. Our client has just come back to us to say that they were very impressed, and will be sending some more within the next couple of days.” [KF, Luton (UK)]

“The client has just sent some feedback on this job. They think you have done an excellent job.” [SL, London]

“I had to jump over hoops to get this proofread (obligatory part of our procedure) by an English native speaker rather than a Japanese person. But when I finally got it done I was rewarded. See this proofreader's comments: 'You have a fine translator there (whoever it was!!) - they have used UK-specific terminology and have phrased the Notes section beautifully. It has really been a pleasure proofreading this translator's work (aaah, what a nice change!!)' Thank you.” [ZG, Macclesfield (UK)]

“We were very impressed by the high standard of your work.” [CB, Warwick (UK)]

“Just a quick note to express my thanks to Ben Jones for the business cards he helped us out with. I have been rushed off my feet and it really helped us out of a difficult and urgent situation. I have just come off the phone to our client who was also very appreciative and impressed with the final quality. Please pass on my gratitude.” [UJ, Coventry (UK)]

“Re: Japanese paintings translation
I was made aware of your involvement with this job which proved to be of great interest to our administrative team. You responded very quickly to our client's needs and I want to thank you for your cooperation in meeting the deadlines.” [DR, Dorset (UK)]

“Ben Jones has worked as a freelance translator for us for the past year. He has principally been involved in translating from Japanese to English, in various fields ranging from technical matter through fashion to financial materials. In addition he has occasionally assisted us by translating some work from German and transcribing the scripts to various videos and tapes, etc. We would hereby like to certify that we were totally content with the standard of his work, and above all by the prompt manner in which he delivered it. We deeply regret that he has decided he must return to England, but hold high expectations for his future activities.” [KS, Tokyo, 1990]

“As translation coordinator, I really regret losing you - I do hope you will be able to continue working for us from England via facsimile!” [NH, Tokyo, 1990]

“Ben Jones has been employed on a freelance basis at [IA] since November 1987. His work as consisted mainly of translating advertising materials from Japanese to English. Clients include [H] (automobiles), [M] (real estate and high tech), [A] (car audio), [C] (office automation) and [L] (pharmaceuticals and corporate commmunications). At times we have also called upon his services for some copywriting and transcription. Mr Jones has consistently produced work of a high standard within the given time constraints. We have found him both highly dependable and pleasant to work with. Although we are saddened to learn of his decision to return to England, we feel that he will prove to be an invaluable asset to any concern that chooses to employ him.” [JT, Tokyo, 1990]

Comments from colleagues

"The doyen of J to E translators." (DA)

"Ben is a very experienced, professional and hard-working translator who pays great attention to detail and maintains the highest possible standards." (JL)

"Ben is an enormous asset to the ITI Japanese Network, bringing a wide range of experience in the industry to their events and freely sharing what he has learned with others for everyone's benefit. A wonderfully personable and dedicated individual and a real professional." (AL)

"You are so agile and comprehensive in addressing contingences; so extraordinary and impressive. I was especially struck by the email you had put together instantaneously to be sent to the counsels, which was right on. […] Thank you for being the 'Arbitrator', Monsieur President!" (NH, part of arbitration interpreting team)

"I'd like to tip my hat to Ben Jones … whose work is nothing short of mind-bogglingly brilliant and a worthy gold standard to which to aspire." (LJ)